"When human beings meet together seeking the spirit with unity of purpose then they will also find their way to each other…” - Rudolf Steiner

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Our Mission

We believe that the most valuable asset in this life are the bonds we create. The ties we have to family, friends and to the earth itself are what provide us with happiness, security and purpose; and are what ultimately guide us in developing our ethos.

Our vignerons are true stewards of their land. Their biodynamic farming practices are centered on staying in sync with their vineyards by listening to the changing frequencies of the earth. They nurture their vineyards accordingly, sustain it for generations to come and ultimately pour their stories into bottles that may be experienced near or far. As importers, we see ourselves as an extension of these vignerons and their families. We are their conduit, communicating the stories they tell – shaped by the plots of land filled with their energy, passion and soul.

In this industry, there is a singular thread that ties us all together. As importers to our vignerons, and then through our distributors, to their clients, ultimately forming a complete tapestry. We are honored to align ourselves with these beautiful winemakers and to be able to share these vessels of magic with our community. Join us on this Cosmic Journey!

"The Whole Is Greater Than The Sum of Its Parts" - Aristotle

A Dynamic Team

| The team behind our company is more than just a group of salespeople; we are a united and knowledgeable team of storytellers. We bring a dynamic and vibrant energy to our work, fueled by our vast experience in the wine industry. With up to 35 years of experience in all facets of the industry, we have honed our expertise and developed a deep understanding of the craft.

As true ambassadors on wine, we possess a comprehensive knowledge that goes beyond the surface level. We have delved into the intricacies of winemaking, grape varietals, terroir, and the unique characteristics of different regions. Our team's deep understanding allows us to appreciate the artistry behind each bottle and the passion that drives our winemakers.

Drawing upon our wealth of experience and knowledge, we can provide a level of detail and storytelling that goes beyond simply selling a product. Instead, we can paint full paintings of our products for our clients. We go beyond superficial descriptions and instead provide a rich narrative that encapsulates the essence of the wine, the story behind the winemaker, and the journey from vine to bottle.

By painting these full pictures, we offer our clients a more profound and immersive experience. We can convey the unique flavors, aromas, and textures of each wine, as well as the history, traditions, and personal stories that make them special. Our ability to convey these elements allows our clients to develop a deeper appreciation and connection to the wines we offer.

In essence, our team's united and knowledgeable approach, combined with our extensive experience and deep understanding of wine, sets us apart. We are not simply focused on sales but are passionate about sharing the stories and artistry behind each bottle. Through our ability to paint full paintings of our products, we provide our clients with a truly immersive and enlightening wine experience.

Cosmic Crew

Bao Michael Bassler

Partner | Bao Michael Bassler's extensive experience and his immersion in the world of wine for over three decades have shaped his deep knowledge of the industry. His involvement in retail, restaurants, wholesale, importing, and production have provided him with a comprehensive understanding of fine wines, industry trends, and key players.

Having studied with the Masters of Wines Program of London, Bao not only gained theoretical knowledge but also recognized the significance of building strong relationships and fostering trust with vignerons. His travels during this period allowed him to appreciate the importance of these connections in the wine industry.

Throughout his career, Bao has been fortunate to have incredible mentors who have influenced his path. Meeting Nicholas Joly, a prominent figure in the biodynamic wine movement, in 1998 inspired Bao's personal mission to champion and promote biodynamic wines. Additionally, his encounter with Maddalena Pasqua di Bisceglie of Musella Winery brought him into the world of Italian wines, while his relationship with Saverio Petrilli, an expert in applying Steinerian Principles within biodynamic farming, further deepened his understanding.

He credits his commitment to continuous learning as the secret key to sourcing wine from emerging producers. His ability to consistently and successfully do so has set him apart in the industry.

Finally, Bao has found his home with Cosmic Wine Collection, where his longstanding relationships with vignerons have enabled the company to secure biodynamically farmed vineyards as a foundation. His extensive network and strong bonds within the highly competitive wine industry provide Cosmic Wine Collection with opportunities to thrive.

Dustin Cassidy

Partner | Dustin's passion for food, wine, and hospitality began at a young age, and he started gaining experience in fine dining when he was just fifteen years old. This early exposure allowed him to develop his knowledge and palate for food and wine pairings. As his career progressed, Dustin excelled in various roles, including sales representative for prestigious portfolios, bartender, sommelier, manager, and beverage director.

For the past five years, Dustin has been residing in Los Angeles, California, where he has worked as a sommelier in renowned wine programs. At Osteria Mozza, Nancy Silverton's Michelin Star restaurant in Hollywood, he played a key role in managing an impressive all-Italian wine list. This extensive list comprised over 2,500 labels and 20,000 bottles, spanning 90+ pages. Subsequently, Dustin joined Wally's Beverly Hills, where he worked as a sommelier and retail wine specialist. During his time there, the company's wine program received a Wine Spectator Grand Award, featuring an astonishing collection of over 4,000 labels and 35,000+ bottles.

Alongside his work in the hospitality industry, Dustin operates his own private consultancy, Privata Vino LLC. Through this consultancy, he shares his expertise with restaurants and private wine clients, providing valuable guidance and insights. Additionally, Dustin collaborated closely with Tanaro River Imports, where he partnered with his long-time friend, Bao Bassler. Together, they focused on developing the California market, expanding the company's portfolio, and driving sales.

With his encyclopedic knowledge of wine and discerning palate, Dustin has established himself as a trusted authority in the world of food, wine, and hospitality. .

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